Director, screenwriter, cinematographer, photographer,

1978 graduated MgA. from FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic.)


About the author:

Finished his studies at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) in 1980, in the same year he made his debut with the film ”Children Looking At Us“. This film was awarded second prize in Varna in 1981. After his social documentary ”Starina“ and ”Carnival in Sebechleby“ in 1983, the communist government prohibited him to work on his further project because of the critical point of view of his films. After the Velvet Revolution in 1993 he founded his own company Media Film. Currently, he is working on his documentary film projects and is also shooting films for TVs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He has received many awards for his films.


From filmography:



IGRIC 2008, Prize Slovak Film Union and Literary Fund, Slovak version, English subtitles

Awards: SR – IGRIC 2008 (Prize of the Slovak Film Union, Literary Fund and Union of Slovak TV Filmmakers), Annual prize of the magazine “Monuments and Museums“ 2009, Annual prize of the Review for Cultural Heritage, 2009, Slovak Republic,

Professor Architect Martin Kusý Award, 2009, Union of Slovak Architects, Slovak Republic


“Modern Architecture in Slovakia” shows the changes of modern architecture in the course of eventful decades of the 20th century, whereupon it reflects important historical moments about the birth of modern Slovakia. The artistic camera of Dodo Simoncic shows the architecture in a hitherto unprecedented form. The unique gimmicky long-form observational shots discover the beauty of architectonic works in the way that has not been used yet. This is the first documentary film in Slovakia filmed and finished in the HDTV technology.



HDTV, DCP 2K, STEREO, 35 mm film, 68 min and 52min versions, MEDIA FILM, s.r.o. co-produced with the Slovak Radio and TelevisionThe story of “The Father of Asian skyscrapers“, Slovak architects Ladislav Hudec.

Awarded the prestigious prize IGRIC 2010 – prize of film critics for the best Slovak Documentary and a special creative prize for film and television documentary production – to the director, awarded the prize of the Slovak Literary Fund

Documentary Edge Festival 2012, New Zealand

IFF Cinematic, Slovakia

The director awarded the Mayor of Banská Bystrica Award, 2010

The director nominated for Crystal Wing Award – Person of Slovakia of the year 2010

More information on the project available at

ALL MY CHILDREN, HDTV, HDCAM, DCP 2K, AUDIO 5.1, 2013, 90 min, MEDIA FILM, s.r.o. co-produced with Czech Television and Slovak Radio and Television; Michael Kaboš, nomination for the Silver Eye Award at East Silver Jihlava 2013, nomination for the prize Roma Spirit 2014, nomination for the prize of the Tatra Bank Foundation 2014, National nomination for the European Film Prize EFA (European Film Academy).
Special creative prize for film director Igric 2014, Slovak Republic, Slovak Film Critic award FIPRESCI 2015, (Igric 2015), Slovakia, prize of film journalists FIPRESCI, Etnofilm, Čadca, second prize, XXX. International Catholic Film Festival and Multimedia, Niepokalanów 2015, Poland.

Slovak version, English and French subtitles.

In 2014 this film scored the record number of cinema goers – approximately 25 500 viewers, and finished as the third most visited documentary in the history of Slovak cinematography (till 2014). It was supported by the MEDIA and EURIMAGES programs.


Screenings: CineEast 2014, Luxembourg, 54. IFF Krakow, Poland, 2014, One World 2014, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2014, Art Film Fest, Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia, 2014, Cinematik, 2014, Slovakia, FEBIOFEST, Bratislava, 2014, Slovakia, Etnofilm, Čadca, 2014, Slovakia, Niepokalanow 2015, Poland, Finale Pilsen, Czech Republic, 2015, Kino na Granicy, Cieszyn, Poland, 2015, International conference (V4 and Romania) Bucharest, Romania, 2015, Czech Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015, MEDIAŞ CENTRAL EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL (MeCEFF) "7+1", Romania, HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden, Dresden, Germany, 2015, Week of Czech Film, Munich, Germany, 2015, Cran-Gevrier, France, 2015, All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF), Kochi, India, 2015, cinema distribution in the Slovak and Czech Republics.



COLORS OF SAND, 2015, HDTV, DCP 2K, AUDIO 5.1, 79 min, MEDIA FILM, s.r.o. co-produced with the Slovak Radio and Television and KABOS Film & Media s.r.o., Czech Republic.


Luba El Malaheg, a Slovak nurse, has been living in Misurata and working in a local hospital for over 20 years. But the war changed her life into”hell on earth“. Now the war is over but nothing is like before. For more than three years we traced her life story and story of her family. A documentary about searching for one´s identity and about the meaning of life.


Prize of the mayor, Cinematik 2015, Piešťany, National nomination for the European Film Prize EFA (European Film Academy), Crystal Wing 2016 (together with the documentaries “The Man Who Changed Shanghai“ and “All My Children“). Screenings: Slovak Film Days, Munich, Germany, Arabisches Filmfestival Tübingen, Germany, Festival Meeting Brno, Czech Republic, 18th festival Kino na Granicy, Poland, cinema distribution in the Slovak and Czech Republics.

Slovak version, English and Czech subtitles.



THE BAND, 2018, DCP 2K, AUDIO 5.1, MEDIA FILM, s.r.o. co-produced with the Slovak Radio and Television, KABOS Film & Media s.r.o., Czech Republic and Czech Television, Czech Republic.

Film is in official selection on The 34th Warsaw International Film Festival /2018/ in Documentary Competition.


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